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No direct expose to strong sunlight:natural latex products may be easily aging if they are usually “bathed in the sun”, and the surface will be powdering.
Storing the product: No heavy stuff shall be placed upon the product and put it in a dry environment with good ventilation.

Preserving the product: If customers want to store this product with vacuum bag, it should not be stored for over 6 months, if the product is found enabling to recover to the original shape when taking it out, just place it for 1 or 2 days, and the product can voluntarily spring back.
Product color: Oxidation will happen to the natural latex product after some time use. It is normal that the color will turn a bit yellow. No worry is needed.

About the scent: natural latex usually has a slight latex scent. It is nonpoisonous and harmless. If some strange smell exists, it may come from the bag and will be gone in a few days. Hope you can understand.